Saturday, October 2, 2021

Knitting Yarn Selection

Which Yarn should you choose?


Choosing Yarn for your next project may seem like a daunting task, but the most challenging part is narrowing down which type of Yarn you want to use! With so many choices available, deciding may seem harder than actually doing the project. That all changes when you decide what it is you will be making, though. Knitting yarn selection can be a matter of personal preference. For me, I like to select a type of Yarn depending on what I'll be making. For example, if I am going to crochet a blanket, I may want a heavier weight of Yarn because blankets usually take a lot of time to complete, and if it's a larger size, it will also need to withstand a lot of wear and tear. 


Different kinds of Yarn


There are many different types of Yarn to choose from with many other properties. This can make it challenging to select the perfect Yarn for the ideal project. Some of the most popular types of Yarn include:


-Acrylic: This type of Yarn is great for projects that require machine washing and drying. Acrylic is also cheaper than other types of Yarn.


-Cotton: This type of Yarn is breathable, making it an excellent choice for warm weather projects. It is also a good choice for projects that require machine washing and drying.


-Wool: This type of Yarn is more expensive, but it can have many benefits. Wool is a natural material which means it is a better choice for those that have allergies or sensitive skin


The Different Kinds of Yarn


Choosing the perfect Yarn to buy can be tricky for beginners but is not an impossible task. There are many types of yarns on the market, depending on the project you are working on. The following are some of the main ones you can choose from.


Wool: Wool yarn can come in many different weights, textures and is often easy to care for. Wool is often used for patterns that are made for colder weather.


Cotton: Cotton yarn is often lightweight and is perfect for creating summer-friendly garments. Cotton yarn usually has a more natural feel to it, so it is best for those who don't want it to feel too synthetic against


Yarn Color Differences


Many people have a hard time deciding which color to use in their projects. Here are a few pointers to help you with your decision.


- Wools, cotton, and plant-based fibers tend to have a broader range of color choices.


- Acrylics have a smaller color pool but have color names that are easier to understand


- Felted items, such as hats and scarves, take on the color of the Yarn used for the knitting.


- Different brands of Yarn will give you a broader or more limited range of colors.


- Dyed colors tend to show up better in darker colors.


The color of yarn will affect the look and feel of a knitted project

Monday, June 7, 2021

Checkout Easy 2 min Amigurumi Rabbit Crochet Tutorial

 Checkout Easy 2 min Amigurumi Rabbit Crochet Tutorial Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes

These cute looking Rabbits are really taking my breath away. I wonder how do they make it look so easy to finish such rabbits. I'm going to try making some and see how hard or easy it is to make these Amigurumi crochet Rabbits. Linked KNITDO in case someone wants to look at the source.

Amigurumi Rabbit Crochet Tutorial





Source : Knitdo Twitter


Sunday, March 15, 2020

Blue top with cutouts on the shoulders Pattern

When the weather gets warmer, it changes everything we craft. When it's too hot to crochet with wool, then we could switch to linen or cotton for more comfy crafting for crochet top pattern. When it's too hot to make blankets, we then change to smaller projects which don't bury us into their cozy weight. It is even more of a bonus if we could make something which we can use immediately.

Everything relating to this particular crochet tank top pattern layout is exceptional and so cute. The front and rear are different colors, and each side has an unusual detail.

The open rear with the crochet string detail is eye-catching. You can wear it with a free ending at the shore or even a music festival. Alternatively, you use it over a good tank.

Tied across the top thanks to the airy structure and flirty necklines on the shoulders will help keep your head cool even in the worst weather.
Sizes: 36/38 (42/44)
  You will need : yarn (100% cotton; 70 m / 50 g) - 400 (500) g turquoise; knitting needles number 6.

Blue Top with cutouts on the shoulders

Finishing pattern 1: each row starts and end chrome. loop. 1st row (= out. Row): front loops.
2nd row (= faces. Row): purl loops.
3rd row (= out. Row): purl loops.
Finishing Pattern 2: start and end each row
chrome. loop. 1st row (= front row): purl loops.
2nd row (= out. Row): front loops.
Openwork pattern: the number of loops is a multiple of 10 + 3 + 2 chrome.
Knit as shown. On it are given front rows.
In the wrong rows, knit the loops and yarn over. Begin wide with chrome. and from the loop before the repeat, repeat the repeat, end with loops after the repeat, and chrome. In height, repeat from the 1st to the 20th p.
Front surface: front rows - front loops, wrong rows - back loops.

Blue Top with cutouts on the shoulders Pattern

Knitting density: 15.5 p. X 25 p. = 10 x 10 cm, knitted with an openwork pattern with knitting needles No. 6.
Description of knitting top with knitting needles:
ATTENTION: The back and front fit in the transverse direction from the edge of the sleeve. The direction of knitting is indicated in the drawing of the details of the pattern with an arrow.
Back with knitted sleeves: start from the right (in the toe) sleeve. On knitting needles No. 6, dial 35 (40) p. And knit for the strap 1 cm = 3 p. finishing pattern 1. Work to continue with an openwork pattern, while for the 2nd size start with chrome. and from the loop before the rapport, repeat the rapport, finish 7 p. of the front surface and chrome. After 4 cm = 10 p. (8 cm = 20 p.) From the strap, dial from the left edge new 40 (45) p. = On the needles of 75 (85) p. And knit an openwork pattern on all loops. After 28 cm = 70 p. (36 cm = 90 p.) From the bar, the part is connected to the middle. After 52 cm = 129 p. (64 cm = 159 p.) From the bar in out. close the first 40 (45) sts. = on the spokes of 35 (40) sts. (distribution of pattern stitches, as at the beginning). After 56 cm = 140 p. (72 cm = 180 p.) From the strap knit 1 cm = 2 p. finishing pattern 2 and close the hinges with the front ones.
Before with one-piece sleeves: knit as a back starting from the edge of the left (in the toe) sleeve.
Assembly: connect the shoulder edges to external sections 40 (60) p. Long. in 3 (4) places (= at the tops of the teeth) with several stitches. Sew side seams/sleeve seams.

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Saturday, April 27, 2019

My favorite crocheted flower cushions

The pillow I love more than me. 



Rosy Jars of Love Crochet

Rosy Jars of Love Crochet


Red SnowFlake Crochet Tutorial

Snowflakes are delicate and tiny. They brought all of the winter memories in the youth when winter was not chilly but beautiful and enjoyable! It's possible to earn crochet snowflakes in the fall, and they'll be a universal decoration before spring. You can use them in the Halloween compositions, and in December they could go together with all the Christmas ones. A simple way to correct them to the event is to create them vividly. They are sometimes orange or yellow, like falling leaves. They are also able to be crystal clear blue or white-blue as everything outdoors during winter. Have a look at examples below to look at the recent trends and hunt for links to free routines below the images. This is very simple and an easy to make Free Snowflake pattern. Below you see a very nicely made pattern layout and under that, you can see the video tutorial on how to make for yourself. There are other tutorials we have like this "Blue Crochet Top with cutout shoulders" It's one of my fav ones and I'm sure that you'll love it too. Please leave your comments below this posts :) <3

Video Tutorial for this lovely Crochet

You can learn how to make this free snowflake pattern with the help of the video tutorial below. You'll be walked through properly if you use this tutorial. Please do share your made patterns here. I will make a featured post and list all your patterns and even link back to you for credits. Looking forward for your patterns and new design. If you have any new designs too you can share them and I  can list them here. Thanks again for visiting my blog. <3

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